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Eric Evans,《领域驱动设计》作者。该书是他12年大型系统建模和设计积累的结晶。
















(10:01:35)ericevans与ericevans说:My bio:

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(10:08:45)sunshineormer与所有人说:We are most concerned about the position of Domain Model, for example, Fig 4.1 in the DDD book,

(10:08:58)sunshineormer与所有人说:Should the Account Object be exposed? in 《Pojo in action》 , "accountid" is used in "service"

(10:13:44)sunshineormer与所有人说:what kind of work you have done between security (role, authentication) and domain?

(10:14:54)sunshineormer与所有人说:It seems content of security architecture is ignored

(10:15:03)sunshineormer与所有人说:in DDD book.

(10:19:29)*umlchina2与*umlchina2说:1) Wang Gang: Which domains have you ever practiced your approach in? Please give some cases.


(10:20:48)sunshineormer与所有人说:In domain modeling approach, there are 2 methods. One is DDD's suggestion.

(10:21:08)sunshineormer与所有人说:My understanding is that it is good enough as much as I can use. Another mothod however,

(10:21:21)sunshineormer与所有人说:such as 《The Data Model Resource Book》, it suggests to do business modeling with wider view.

(10:21:39)sunshineormer与所有人说:But the current business needs is actually to do the modeling out of the enterprise,

(10:21:52)sunshineormer与所有人说:such as the “coordination system”,just like IBM “On demand”.

(10:22:10)sunshineormer与所有人说:This will request the good relationship of the enterprise with suppliers and distributors.

(10:22:22)sunshineormer与所有人说:Would you please comment on this?

(10:22:42)*umlchina2与所有人说:It is a long question.:)

(10:26:03)sealw与所有人说:Dear Eric, did you read Peter Coad's "Color UML"?

(10:29:39)sunshineormer与所有人说:Fig 16.20 is not the same as the one in Martin Fowler's book 《UML distilled 3ed》.

(10:30:13)sunshineormer与所有人说:Would you please tell us who is right?

(10:30:28)sunshineormer与所有人说:There are both about the modeling to Employee and retire plan, but the model is different.


(10:36:41)sunshineormer与所有人说:Can you give us a brief on the latest research on DDD?


(10:36:57)sunshineormer与所有人说:We heard that you have made a speech on "Three practical steps towards


(10:37:15)sunshineormer与所有人说:DDD", Can you tell us something detail about it?

(10:39:46)highsw与所有人说:Have you download this slide

(10:40:03)sealw与所有人说:In Peter Coad's color book, he recommend FDD, which has front domain design,

(10:40:49)sealw与所有人说:but it seems that XP do not has front domain design, how do you think about this question?

(10:40:56)skysoftboy与所有人说:dear ERIC EVANS:domain driven design is connect with the domain modeling?

(10:44:35)sealw与所有人说:In Peter's color book, he suggest FDD, which has a front domain design.


(10:45:19)sealw与所有人说:But in XP, it seems not to has such front design, how do you think about this?

(10:46:17)sunshineormer与所有人说:to sealw:xp阵营有本新书《prefactoring》,说的就是domain big picture

(10:47:03)*umlchina2与*umlchina2说:正在谈"Three practical steps towards DDD"

(10:48:31)liu_alias与所有人说:the reprint edition of Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software will

(10:48:36)liu_alias与所有人说:will be published in the near future


(10:56:39)*umlchina2与*umlchina2说:现在的问题:sealw与所有人说:But in XP, it seems not to has such front design, how do you think about this?




(11:06:05)skysoftboy与所有人说:MR Eric Evans:can you tell us we can use ddd in which condition?

(11:06:54)sunshineormer与所有人说:Would you please talk a little about MDA and SOA?

(11:09:10)skysoftboy与所有人说:Oh ,thanks

(11:09:18)skysoftboy与所有人说:very much

(11:11:04)skysoftboy与所有人说:in my opinion, ddd can make our work simple,if we use it in the same field...

(11:12:25)skysoftboy与所有人说:and can you talk something about it?just like use it in Bank field?thank you !

(11:18:05)*umlchina2与所有人说:现在是回答sunshineormer与所有人说:Would you please talk a little about MDA and SOA?

(11:18:11)sunshineormer与所有人说:Would you have a plan to share your practical domain models which like Martin's《Analysis pattern》?

(11:19:03)skysoftboy与所有人说:Dear Eric Erans:Could you give us your E-main?

(11:20:18)skysoftboy与所有人说:i am sorry to make a type Evans to Eran

(11:22:47)skysoftboy与所有人说:Mr Evans:In J2EE,i get a concept of Common Domain Modeling,it's the same means with DDD?

(11:23:06)9foryou与所有人说:Dear Eric Erans, Which business will DDD well apply?

(11:23:35)9foryou与所有人说:In my mind

(11:23:43)9foryou与所有人说:UC Driven or Feature Driven usually better fit into the requirement from customer’s view

(11:24:56)skysoftboy与所有人说:You got a cold ,i see,Mr Evans.....thanks very much still to give us a wonderful speech...

(11:25:25)skysoftboy与所有人说:Though i can not understand it very well



(11:31:38)sunshineormer与所有人说:You seems to be very busy since we rarely see you at ddd discussion group.

(11:31:43)sunshineormer与所有人说:Hope you will be able to visit there often.

(11:50:34)skysoftboy与所有人说:OK thank you to come to here at the end...thank you very much!!

(11:51:45)sunshineormer与所有人说:Thank you very much,Mr Evans。

(11:52:07)*umlchina2与所有人说:What is the spirit of DDD? 领域驱动设计的精髓是什么?

(11:52:25)*umlchina2与所有人说:3) Ma Ziyang: How to choose supple software architecture model? Is there any mature model?

(11:52:55)*umlchina2与所有人说:2) Du Yugen: Difference between Domain-driven design and OOD

(11:53:47)*umlchina2与所有人说:5) Zhang Yun: What are the advantages of DDD?

(11:56:29)skysoftboy与所有人说:it is easy to say but not so easy to use it in our project

(11:57:25)skysoftboy与所有人说:at last thank you again.....

(11:57:37)skysoftboy与所有人说:MR Evans

(12:00:33)*umlchina2与所有人说:非常感谢Eric, Thank you!

(12:00:49)skysoftboy与所有人说:YEAL,thanks very much